Sunday, August 29, 2004

and that, well, that's joey standing in the street, shrouded by what looks like snow but is merely the pea-soup mist of the richmond. ahh summer in california. Posted by Hello

And Erin came for a visit, too (horray!). This is us on the bus, on the way back from the upper haight to the richmond, after a quick sprinting-for-late-night-bus incident. successful and effective. despite tiredness. Posted by Hello

New roommates: Joey and Davey. rockstars. Posted by Hello

sam has left for the east. yeah, the east coast has reclaimed another. but not for long! this was from her last night in SF. tear. Posted by Hello

oh snap. thas my new room in the Outer Richmond district of SF. it is a bit more put together now, as that was three weeks ago. not much tho. a bed is promised and on it's way, so that will help. three jobs keeps me from having much time for interior decorating, however. Posted by Hello

Thursday, August 12, 2004

the goaming....? Posted by Hello

free, life. Posted by Hello

another beautious sunset from the roof.... i'm moving soon, tho... more pictures of the ocean and GG park from there, i suppose. Posted by Hello

oh, there i am. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

ahahaaa.... well....things have been crazy 'round here... criminals and police and love from friends and family and happiness and sam and i took a minute to be a little silly. our landlord has a 2 year-old daughter, and some of her toys are floating (haha) around our home. third roommate is moving out this weekend to head back to VT and i'll be moving next weekend (i think) and it's finally getting to be summery here-- the fog was dense and it was windy today till about 3 but it burned off and is now a GORgeous day out there. yay. Posted by Hello