Wednesday, January 30, 2008

funny memories

IMG_2694, originally uploaded by Sherilyns.

i just found this happy pic of us on my friend sheri's flickr from her wedding this summer-- how fun!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

shop fun

some of the fun stuff we have going on at Fuchsia Home:

this guy is a little Doxie doorstop made from vintage fabrics-- if I knew my furry friends wouldn't enjoy it more than i would i'd bring one home, but they would make quick work of him!
more pics here

I'm doing a little work today on my gocco swap items-- fun times! I am getting excited to go back to school at the AAU, but I'm also enjoying having some time off! I worked about twice as much as I usually do last week and the week before, but now i'm back to my two days (well, until next week when I need to cover when Kari goes to NYC to the gift show!) a week and it's nice to have a bit of free time. My mom and I even re-started scrapbooking my wedding, which was over a year ago, and which we started working on in August... oh well, someday it will be complete.

OOH i forgot to mention that the whole reason I have these new pics of the shop are because i got a NEW CAMERA. I'm so enamored with it. Srsly.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

goals and dreams

So i lied. well, the printer lied when they said they knew what they were doing. So i've been having some, let's say, "issues" with getting my work printed. But I am working on it, and now a few unsuspecting souls will get a super-awesome hot-off-the-presses desk calendar instead of the wall version. So there!

I knew it'd be a headache to get things printed, and always on a deadline, right? But this is sort of rediculous. So I will turn to my trusty (or so i hope) gocco and get working on printing my OWN work on my own printer. It will have a different look alltogether but that's ok, right?

Today, however, I will be spending the day rearranging the store, which I started yesterday after packing away all the holiday shmady-shma. I want to find a particularly lovely place for these:
I've also been here alone for a few days (and i mean ALONE-- i think there were 4 browsers in the so-called blizzard yesterday...) and giving some thought to my non-existent new year's resolutions. ok i'm getting a slow star this year; calendars in February, resolutions on the 15th... oh well! I guess it's because i know i'll not even ever think of them as something to really stick to, so i don't really ever make them. We've also had a particularly trying first few weeks of the year with crazy & sad stuff going on with John's family, too, but I do have a few goals for the year, and things to look forward to (in really no particular order):

1. Organize Studio
2. Make selling art and craft a priority -- and therefore:
2A. Begin to think about getting out of debt
3. Enjoy schoolwork
4. Get outside more
5. give, love, and laugh more
6. stop worrying about the small stuff
7. plan a trip to Italy with the May girls-- it's in discussion phase right now
8. go to california and washington to see many fabulous people i love while celebrating the weddings of amazing friends (!!not a goal, it's a reality... but i do have to make plans, buy tickets, convince John it's a good idea, etc.)
9. Plan a trip to Arizona to see the fam
10. Enjoy the cultural bounty of the berkshires this summer-- we were hermits last year!

Saturday, January 05, 2008


FYI, I have a few more of these calendars available for sale on my etsy shop-- the cover might look a little different in the actual one (as in, the etsy address is much smaller) but you can see all the various illustrations over there. They're all botanical illustrations made from photos i've taken. Of course if you were/are lucky enough to have one of these, you can buy them for your friends, too. I actually have a couple more than what's listed in the shop-- so just let me know if you need more than that.

the next project will be getting the studio cleaned out from the holiday messes and really up and running, and getting some goccoing going!