Tuesday, January 15, 2008

goals and dreams

So i lied. well, the printer lied when they said they knew what they were doing. So i've been having some, let's say, "issues" with getting my work printed. But I am working on it, and now a few unsuspecting souls will get a super-awesome hot-off-the-presses desk calendar instead of the wall version. So there!

I knew it'd be a headache to get things printed, and always on a deadline, right? But this is sort of rediculous. So I will turn to my trusty (or so i hope) gocco and get working on printing my OWN work on my own printer. It will have a different look alltogether but that's ok, right?

Today, however, I will be spending the day rearranging the store, which I started yesterday after packing away all the holiday shmady-shma. I want to find a particularly lovely place for these:
I've also been here alone for a few days (and i mean ALONE-- i think there were 4 browsers in the so-called blizzard yesterday...) and giving some thought to my non-existent new year's resolutions. ok i'm getting a slow star this year; calendars in February, resolutions on the 15th... oh well! I guess it's because i know i'll not even ever think of them as something to really stick to, so i don't really ever make them. We've also had a particularly trying first few weeks of the year with crazy & sad stuff going on with John's family, too, but I do have a few goals for the year, and things to look forward to (in really no particular order):

1. Organize Studio
2. Make selling art and craft a priority -- and therefore:
2A. Begin to think about getting out of debt
3. Enjoy schoolwork
4. Get outside more
5. give, love, and laugh more
6. stop worrying about the small stuff
7. plan a trip to Italy with the May girls-- it's in discussion phase right now
8. go to california and washington to see many fabulous people i love while celebrating the weddings of amazing friends (!!not a goal, it's a reality... but i do have to make plans, buy tickets, convince John it's a good idea, etc.)
9. Plan a trip to Arizona to see the fam
10. Enjoy the cultural bounty of the berkshires this summer-- we were hermits last year!

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