Thursday, January 24, 2008

shop fun

some of the fun stuff we have going on at Fuchsia Home:

this guy is a little Doxie doorstop made from vintage fabrics-- if I knew my furry friends wouldn't enjoy it more than i would i'd bring one home, but they would make quick work of him!
more pics here

I'm doing a little work today on my gocco swap items-- fun times! I am getting excited to go back to school at the AAU, but I'm also enjoying having some time off! I worked about twice as much as I usually do last week and the week before, but now i'm back to my two days (well, until next week when I need to cover when Kari goes to NYC to the gift show!) a week and it's nice to have a bit of free time. My mom and I even re-started scrapbooking my wedding, which was over a year ago, and which we started working on in August... oh well, someday it will be complete.

OOH i forgot to mention that the whole reason I have these new pics of the shop are because i got a NEW CAMERA. I'm so enamored with it. Srsly.

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