Monday, July 26, 2004

    currently procrastinating from doing my homework that i've had a week to do for my class at the UC Berkely extension....  this class is not very challenging and even if it was, well, i had a week to do the work and since i am by nature the worst procrastinator in the world, i had to leave it till the last minute.  I'm making a 3D model from a 2D design that i have created.  It's a good learning experience regarding where design elements and ideas come from, different transmutations (er whatever) of one idea,... but other than that it's just boring and i already know most of the stuff i'm being "taught."  by the way i've decided i'm the worst teacher ever, and that's ok.  I also can't be a very good garden designer because i don't even have a garden or the prospective possiblity of one in the near future. and that's ok too.  I have some ideas i'm mulling around tho, for what i'm gonna be when i grow up, and you'll be let in on them once i figure them out.  I do have a future.  Oh and i'm oficially stage managing at the New Conservatory Theatre Center as of Friday and i'm already important so that feels good. it's hard to work on a play with people you don't know in a space you don't know and try to feel remotely in charge of things.... or even responsible for things.  Time will heal that worries.     and and and i'm working at this little store called Baxter Hull up on Fillmore street and it's a nice place to work where i listen to classical music on the radio, sell nice bags and clothes, pet dogs and feed them treats... i even have a big window that looks on the tree-lined street-- i have a tree right outside my door, which filters the sun beautifully.  yep i like it.  you should come see.

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