Tuesday, May 20, 2008

One more thing...

My darling hubby and I will be off to some far-off locations in the coming two weeks. We fly out on Thursday and will spend tomorrow night in Boston. I have the summer off from work (as the store is closing... sadness.) and will only be taking one class, so I plan to have many crafty exploits to discuss in the next few months, so stay tuned! Come fall I will be back in school full-time, but until then, can you guess the two places we're going based on these two photos?
yup, you guessed it. Back to my homes-away-from-home, San Francisco and Seattle (ok that second one isn't Seattle, exactly, but it is nearby). We will be celebrating the weddings of some very dear friends, and enjoying some west-coast goodness along the way. We will also be visiting my very talented little brother Tomm in Portland, OR. We'll be back in early June, and like I said, I should have some more projects to talk about here. I'm hoping this trip will allow me to absorb quite a bit of inspiration for those upcoming projects!

Below is a silly shot of me from the first week I lived in San Francisco back in 2004. Everyone has to have this picture, right? It's taken from the little park below the Golden Gate Bridge in the Presidio.

I'm so excited!


Kara said...

THANK YOU again for this weekend. I had a delightful time with you two and the Happy Dog.

Check out this website - it made me think of you.



Courtney said...

Lucky! I hope you both have a blast. I'm sad to hear about Crispina's store closing tho, that really sux. :( but enjoy your summer vacation, of which I'm also extremely jealous! :)

Mummy Dearest said...

We misses yooze. Hope you're having FUN and taking lots of pictures for me to look at. :-P