Wednesday, April 04, 2007

i wish...

adopting a dog was easier. boy they make it difficult, and time consuming, and you have to be so patient!

i know they don't want 'just anybody' who just thinks they want a dog to take one home and then send it back the the shelter but we won't do that! can't they see?

I'm now obsessed with Border Collies. not sure if thier 'herding' mentality will work wiht our lifestyle, but they say a mix is a good compromise, usually a little quieter and less frantically active.

here's what i want:

who wouldn't?

But alas...i must be patient. i'm really thinking two would be good, too, as they will keep each other company when we're gone.... which is often. now that i'm not working full time tho, i will be home much more. i start part time work (in theory...not all settled, but probalby will be tomorrow) next week.... i can pretty much set my own schedule, tho....

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