Wednesday, April 25, 2007

that's my dawg!

what a week!
last thursday my computer illustration class was cancelled so i decided it was a good day to visit the shelter since they're open late thursday nights and i'd been eyeing this pup for a few weeks now. she ("Happy"-- we're taking suggestions for new names) was still there so i got my boy to come see her after he got home and we fell in love. she's a handfull. well, a few handfulls, really. a little crazed. but we're working on that. all the peeps at the shelter were like 'i don't know... you haven't seen her 'bad side' yet" and we did and she bit us but not hard enough to stop us from taking her home. she also escaped from my leash-holding hand, but they say if you don't chase her she'll just come back, and she did. left her for 5 hours yesterday and all she did was carry the remote around the house, pee on the deck a tiny bit (totally housebroken tho...if i had gotten her in the crate she wouldn't have even bothered) and destroyed her squeeky toy. as was to be expected. so if we can get past the barking/jumping/growling/nipping thing we'll be just fine. she wants to learn, work, is super smart and lovey most of the time... mostly just a teenager. (13 months old)...

yay! (yet, almost too easy!)

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Joey said...

you come visit soon? no, yes?

when you come visit? let yosef know. we arrange big party before big wedding for great friends.

wii will be involved. as will sacrifice of bad virgins.

davey sleep on floor.