Monday, October 22, 2007

glory shots

yup, we live here. many a city-ite make a pilgrimage up here to The Shire each fall to see 'the colors'-- and we get to enjoy it for free! Took the pups on a nice afternoon hike on recently discovered (as in, I found it today!) Nature Conservancy land in Stockbridge-- it was gorgeous, if a little odd because you could hear the highway. It was really warm and sunny and they loved splashing in a little brook/waterfall. I was a little worried to be out there alone with them because the trail wasn't marked and pretty much covered with leaves, but we made it home safe and sound, and my reward is two tuckered out pups. (we are taking care of my mom's puppy for the week while she's away-- he's a terror but super cute so we have to love him!)
[and yes, i was driving while i took those above. it's one of my hobbies, steering while photographing. the one below is from our back yard]

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Transplanted Northerner said...

THANK YOU!! I'll try to imagine myself also seeing this for free a year from now... I LOVE the one in your backyard! So where are more pictures of the puppies? ;)