Wednesday, October 17, 2007

history of photography

Been working hard hard hard on school work-- just finished a group project on the History of Phtography... click here to see it! I did the Historical Examples slideshow (collected the images, but no, i don't know how to make a flash slideshow, i'm not that cool...yet!) and edited all the text and helped design the layout/flow of the site.
(Pepper, by Edward Weston 1930)

was fun to learn how to collaborate long-distance with 4 other people flung around the country-- a great learning experience for sure. i think it came out pretty nice.

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Sadie said...

big dork comment: I LOVED the history of photoshop! 1.0 costs $1000???!! Crazy!!! I'm going to email you pictures of my apartment now, I swear...