Thursday, November 15, 2007


soooo.... i just became overwhelmed with happiness and contentment with my current life and such.... not that it's all that great, really, and i'm always thinking about ways to change and improve everything.... BUT i saw my former boss earlier today, and after absorbing that experience for a few hours, i came to realize how fortunate i was to escape that path... i was working in such a draining workplace, and had such a demanding job with no appreciation or breaks or joy. So now i'm living my own life, with eyes toward the future, rather than living in a hellish present.

I always think i should live more in the moment... and today, this moment, i'm happy. excited by the prospect of creating more artwork and stationery of my own, take some interesting classes, enjoy the exchange of ideas with coworkers and peer students.

and, it doesn't hurt that Mickey is sleeping below my chair-- sighing in a cute puppy way every few minutes, just generally being super-cute, as is his station in life.

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Courtney said...

yay for living in the moment! This is one of my current goals too. Dogs are a great way to be reminded of this, don't you think? :)