Monday, November 26, 2007

hard partying

mikey had a looong day of thanksgiving antics, overeating, boardgame-playing and hard partying. and still manages to be super adorable.

Friday we went on over to Club Helsinki for an AMAZING show by the Amity Front, which featured Lyon Graulty (brother of Sarah, see below) on Clarinet, Harmonica, guitar and maybe more..... really great bluegrassy folky fabulousness. We did some tipsy dancing, too, which is a testament to the wonderfulness of their music, since both John and i can rarely be convinced to get up and strut our white-people-dancing awkwardness. what fun!

then Saturday we had some friends over for what was billed to be a 'thanksgiving leftovers' party, but as it was saturday instead of the original friday, so we had to make some new yummy treats. over-indulging at it's finest. more pics here.
please be careful when opening the champagne. or Andre, as the case may be. $5 bubbly is classy, with clear instructions of what NOT to do:

be careful, sarah!

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Courtney said...

fun pics, sorry I couldn't be there!