Friday, December 28, 2007

a lucky girl

(from Kari and Eric-- does no one else see how awesome this is? i will be building the color scheme of my studio around this now, yes i will)

dear friends,

you are the best. thank you for my "27 on the 27th" birfday party.

some of the best b-day gifties ever!

(from Seth and Sylvie via Hats and Jewels in Lee, MA-- represent!)

(from Jaclyn via Magpie in Somerville, MA-- i think it's shrinky-dinks and i love it!)

this is my grateful happy face. can't you tell? or else maybe it's an "i'm really tired but still rocking out cuz i'm 27 years young" face? you tell me. :)

(heheh you all are so cute!)

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