Wednesday, December 26, 2007

mr. grinch

took the year off!

what a great holiday-- and it's really just getting started, as tomorrow is my B-day-- 27 on the 27th!!! yeehaw! i think some friends have sumthin up their sleeves for tomorrow.... should be a fun time. and then new year's eve with a few of the best friends-- not sure what we're doing yet, but that's part of the fun.

santa brought us a vacuum, which i believe is the highlight of my year. John reminded me that i don't really ever vacuum, but i promised that this new one will make me a vacuuming madwoman. in a good way.

we also came home with all sorts of tastey treats that will be eaten by you if you're comin' to the b-day celebration, all made with love by moms and grandmas and aunts and cousins and even brothers.

we ended up sleeping at my parents' house on christmas eve, even though we only live about 15 minutes away-- it was really late after partying down at grandma's, and we were gonna be back again at 9am (ok well, it ended up being 10 that we all finally were roused, but that was after staying up way too late because we didn't end up going home) anyway-- it was fun to be able to wake up there x-mas morning to the yummy smells of breakfast being cooked for us, and Happy-the-dog was thrilled to be able to play with her best friend Mickey all day for three days straight. fun times were had by all. and all my brothers and sister-in-law were in town for the festivities which made it extra special fun.

hightlight of the present-receiving was a brand-spankin-new off-the-boat Gocco screen printer for lil' ol me--- i picked it out myself but John made it happen and i'm eternally grateful. I will be printin' up a storm come the new year. You just wait. and watch for more fun things to buy for your very own self!

the highlight of the present-giving had to be Thom's Bear-Feet slippers-- they were all he ever wanted his whole life. at least that's what he said. and the dogs didn't even try to eat them, which i was a little afraid of. Oh and i got john the Bartlett's book of quotations, which is the one Kirsten Dunst has in Eternal Sunshine, and we all know John loves quoting. but doesn't want to be quoted, ok?

i'll post pictures later. yay for presents!!!

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