Monday, March 10, 2008

miracle, indeed

I just finished the audio-book of Animal Vegetable Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver et al. It was GREAT. I highly recommend it. seriously.

She notes that if you are listening to (or reading) it in the cold of winter, to put it aside for a little while, because it's virtually impossible to eat locally through winter without a lot of pre-planning -- but even though I was doing just that, I found myself looking at the food in the grocery store a lot differently, and though I will probably still continue to eat the occasional bananna, I might just think a little harder about what it took to get it to me.

Their website is, and it has lots of tasty recipes, including a sweet potato quesadilla we made a few days ago and it was delish! Nothing there is too complicated, we even learned how to make our own pizza dough using 4 ingredients. Of course it's that easy, but we didn't really ever think about it. And it doesn't have to rise for a long time, so, as Martha might say, that's a good thing. ;)

Maybe next we tackle making cheese? could it be as easy as she says?

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Kara said...

I LOVE that book! Excellent choice - my whole family read it and now my parents have chickens and a huge vegetable garden.

Hey, you'd like "1,000 splendid suns" by "The Kite Runner" author. Just finished it!