Thursday, March 06, 2008

spring might be on its way

I just heard a little bit of honking outside, but not the city-cab-car kind, rather the country geese-returning from warmer places-kind. It is so inspiring and heart warming, to think that we might just rise up from under our ice-sheets and snowbanks and twisted-on-the-ice-ankles. Might it actually happen? the sun is out today, which helps. and it rained yesterday instead of snowed, so I think we might be in the home stretch. that is not to say that we won't be getting another nor'easter or two, but maybe we can see the light at the end of this cold, dark tunnel.
(no, i didn't take this one...nice tho, eh? yeah, i found it via google images)

OH! and i put a few new things in the shop: a few cards (that didn't quite come out how I'd envisioned but I'm learning and they're cute enough) and a few new photos. Hopefully will be doing some more gocco prints soon, as long as i can get my homework done.

In other spring/birds related news, [do not read on if you're feeling squeamish!] our cat Jane is a cold-blooded killer, srsly. She has spent all winter sitting inside watching the songbirds visit the feeder on our deck, and on this first nice-ish day she decided to watch from outside. no sooner did I look away, but she had a sad little finch in what seemed to be a death-grip. I will spare you the gory details, but let's just say I'm disturbed. I have never seen her do anything like this (ok, the occasional mouse, but not often or recently). I'm so sad for the little birdie -- I really hope this was a one time deal. Then she tried to bring it inside! I decided she'd stay outside until she stopped trying to bring it in, which thankfully she eventually did. How can such a sweet cuddly animal do something like this??
Yeah, she's evil. The soft, pretty fur is just a disguise.

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