Thursday, February 28, 2008

mini break sweet (yet zany) bridget jones would say, I'm off on a mini break this weekend. well, actually today. I'm headed to New Hampshire to visit my dear friend Sarah, where she has just moved not too long ago. I'm excited to see her new place, and help her figure out how to nail pictures up on the wall which are proving impossible to penetrate. (any suggestions?)

We are going to go see the little folksinger, ms. ani difranco herself, this evening in Concord. I'm really excited, though (embarrassing fact alert!) I've seen her approximately 11 times already in my little life. But she keeps on playing and I keep on listening, so it's a symboitic relationship, really. :) I think it will be a great time. It's been a few years since I saw her last, in which time she had a baby girl, who I hope she talks about at great lengths. who doesn't love babies?

Then I'm off to Somerville, near Boston, to see darlings Jaclyn and Vanessa, for a rockin' Leap Year party and possibly some rollar skating. I will attempt to get some more homework done in the time between these wonderful events. We'll see how that goes.

Oh and if you did, thanks for buying one of my new prints over on Etsy -- I've sold a few now, which is really encouraging. I will continue to create some more fab gocco goodness, as I'm really enjoying it and people seem to like what I'm cranking out, so it's all good.

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