Friday, February 15, 2008

David Berkeley

I just re-found this great musician (singer/songwriter, folkskinger?) David Berkeley. I downloaded his album The Confluence, and it's super lovely. you will like it, promise. I discovered him way back in San Francisco when I was gently dragged along to a seemingly impromptu performance in an odd little space that appeared to be the first floor of someone's house in, oh, Western Addition maybe? The Haight? I'm really not sure where it was. but i remember the room and the amazing music and the good company like it was yesterday. I was with a bunch of people I had just met, and one good friend from the shire who was living out there, too.

I have to say that it was a pretty magical night-- one of those 'times' that are just like you might imagine living in San Francisco is supposed to be, at least wonderfully streotypically, not actually really like that, at least not if you have a job (or three, like i did). Anyway, we walked into this big little room (maybe it was an old storefront, actually), with some crude sound equipment, lots of pillow and maybe 5 chairs? We all sat around leaning on the walls and one another and listened to the really wonderful sounds of David Berkeley. And everything was good. on into the night... :)

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