Monday, February 11, 2008

Mass MoCA

this saturday we took a trip up to Williamstown and North Adams to absorb some Berkshire culture. The Williams College Museum of Art is always free, but in my mere 27 years living in and out of the berkshires i haven't actuall set foot inside, so I decided to change that. My favorite parts were the giant warhol in the stairwell (below) and a pretty aaaaahhhmazing set of marble (?) slabs from, oh, 5,000 years ago with Sumerian Cunieform pressed into their surfaces-- one of the earliest form of analphabetic writing. this was particularly exciting for me because it is pretty much the first graphic design, ever. astounding. and they still exist for me to look at. no i can't read it, but who cares how many barells of grain one old dude sold another old dude? (channelling bill and ted....)

the eyeballs watch you as you come and go from WCMA...
and meanwhile, as i sneakily took pics inside Mass MoCA...

this piece is by Spencer Finch-- pretty cool.

this exhibit was pretty great, too-- tho i think i'd like it better if it wasn't moving. the text was projected in a rotating fashion around the room, and you got to sit on these giant HYPERCOLOR (yeah, i know, we're lucky!) beanbag chairs to view it. Helvetica not really used to it's best, though.

blurry, but super neato icon of North Adams these days-- the upside-down Maple trees. They even sell syrup tapped from them....

and then, behold, winter wonderland once again-- this is from yesterday, Sunday, just down the street from our house. ('On account of that frosting....)

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