Sunday, February 24, 2008

spring colors

ok, I lied when I said I needed more spring color -- I do have some lovely forsythia branches growing in the kitchen, brightening every day here in the cold, old farmhouse. I really need to get back outside and cut some more, because they are doing so well, and the bush really needs a haircut anyway. The first winter we lived here I tried the same thing and nothing happened, which was kind of depressing. But after John gave the whole shrub a good trimming that spring it Popped the next year around, and now I'll always know I can get a shot of yellow in the dead of winter.

My mom also bequeathed to me a huge pot of amaryllis which I am just hoping, willing to grow, but they're not as happy here as on her windowsill, I can gauruntee that.(john took this shot of me and Jane enjoying the yellow flowers and a nice mug of hot chocolate. She really likes to get cuddly when you're trying to work, especially when you're writing or working on a computer.)

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