Wednesday, February 06, 2008

gocco my world

how goes the gocco? it's so much fun, i'm pretty much addicted. but i have done a TERRIBLe job of keeping my studio clean this winter, so i'm having a tough time making room for wet prints, and keeping supplies organized. Kari was nice enough to lend me some great inks she had, and i'm waiting on my very own new stash of colors to arrive any day now from the paper source. I think they are comparable in price to those on ebay, and i'm pretty sure they'll arrive sooner, tho i can't be sure. They were really slow in sending wholesale stuff to the store, but I'm pretty sure that's a somewhat separate beast, at least that's what logic tells me and what I remember from working there.

these fun lil' cards are for sale in my etsy shop-- I am going to do three more from drawings Thom made one day on a placemat. We'll see if they sell in a set?

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