Sunday, April 06, 2008

the container store

I'm starting to become afraid of losing.
That is, losing all the creations housed here on my lil' computer.
So I'm contemplating buying one of these:

SmartDisk ByteSize Portable USB Hard Drive (8GB)

Ultra-portable yet with enough capacity to back up videos, music and photos, the SmartDisk ByteSize hard drive offers a minimum of clutter and a maximum of convenience.

it costs about $40 or $50 (depending on the storage size)... so probably worth it. I don't need more space than 12GB, do I? I have mostly photos and projects such as InDesign and Illustrator files, as well as the occasional word doc., etc. Maybe a movie or two, as well, but nothing fancy. Oh and a bit of music.

I actually have an external hard drive, which I bought last year when my PC was dying. But soon after, I gave up on it all together and got this lovely MacBook. The clunky PC hard drive
(Maxtor, to be specific) doesn't work on the Mac. I can get stuff off of it, but can't put anything on it. Such a bummer. But that bad boy is huge, loud and needs to plug into an AC power source, which is a real pain in the butt.

I think I should think on it for a day or so. I have a 1GB flash drive in the mean time. Knock on wood.

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