Sunday, April 20, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Today marks the one-year anniversary of our silly dog coming to live with us!

You may know that her full name (as it was when we took her home at just over one year old) is Happy Anniversary. The family that raised her for that first year was obviously nutso, but we will be eternally thankful that they brought her to the Berkshire Humane Society, so we could take her home and enjoy a dog-full life with her. If you love HappyDog (or dogs, in general...) as we do, you can see a little collection of pictures of her first year with team Coyle here (including a few cameos by her best friend Mickey), and a little preview below:

HappyDog, we heart you! We are dog nerds, and we love it! Yay for dogs -- if you don't have one in your life, I highly recommend it.


Courtney said...

YAY for you and Happy! :) I second everything you wrote here and Sadie does too! Dog nerds unite! woof! *scratch, sniff, lick*

sooziebee said...

Yey, dog nerds unite for def! She looks a darling x