Thursday, July 10, 2008

Our Poor Girl; aka The Power of Positive Thought

Happy had an 'incident' yesterday with a meany Porcupine! Oh, bother.
I heard her yelping outside and I came out and saw her sitting there all sad and scared. John had taken her for a hike in the woods, and she took off on her own, which occasionally happens; this time she found herself some trouble!

A snout full of quills! We got most of them out ourselves with pliers and our fingers. Those buggers are SHARP. and they do, indeed, have microscopic barbs, which hold on for dear life. Even once they're out of the dog, they can maybe find their way into your finger if you're not careful. So... there were about 6 we couldn't get last night. She had had enough of us holding her down and yanking them. I don't blame her. She got lots of treats, though. And much lovin'. But it wasn't enough. A few made their way out last night (she kept licking them and scraping them with her paws), but there was still a big bugger IN her nose, and a few others that we just couldn't get. We conceded to bringing her to the vet, which is where she is RIGHT NOW. I am quite worried, as I was told they would have to sedate her to get them out. She was very upset at me leaving her there. It's been about 2 hours since I left her there, and they are just trying to fit her in between other appointments.

I tried to argue that they didn't have to anesthetize her and that we didn't want to spend too much money (I KNOW, she's our love, but come on!) and we had almost gotten them all ourselves! But no use, they think I'm crazy and said they might even need to give her a rabies shot. man. why did I take here there? And I don't really want to argue with the people there because it's really the best vet for us, as it is about 2 minutes from our house...Don't want to make them mad!

Well, I'll let you know how she does. Mickey came over to visit her and is sad she's not here, but has found himself a nice place to nap under my chair instead of playing with her. He's not really all that broken up about it, turns out.

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Joey said...

OMG!!! Sophie got quilled in the face by a porcupine when i was in high school and we pulled all the quills out ourselves... she was so good that she didn't even snap at us when we pulled a few of her whiskers out accidentally too!

Poor Happy Face... =(