Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Happy July!

Things have been oh-so busy around here the last few days, and of course that means lots of catching up to do this week. I am working on my midterm for my summer class at AAU, which is a super fun class called "Photography for Graphic Designers"-- that means my homework and midterm are taking photos! Love it.

We've had a lot of rain rain rain the past few weeks, and a little bit of hail, too. my garden appreciates the rain, but not so much the hail. no, not so much. I was able to grab this shot after a freak hailstorm showed up and blew through in all of 15 minutes:can you see the rainbow? right in my backyard!

We went to the Pittsfield 4th of July parade and then had a great time at the giant picnic my parents throw each year for the 4th on their farm in Richmond. Some of my friends got to meet the cows for the first time, and we all had some rollicking fun playing T-ball and pool volleyball. John and Alex helped man the grill:

And my baby brother Brian got a wonderful pirate cake from Sarah and an awesome present from his favorite sister (ok, only sister, yes, me) for his Graduation from RIT. Congrats, Bri! (and thanks, Sarah, for the photo!) Yes, it's an inflatable Moose Head (maybe actually an Elk, named Moose?) that hangs on the wall! It was from Scribbles(!!) in Burlington.

On Saturday we turned the 4th of July party over into a Baby shower for my cousin Becky who's having identical twin boys in November! We had too much fun oohing and aahing over the adorableness of baby clothes and such. My mom made these super party favors with her sister Pat; Two Peas in a Pod, where the peas are actually mint chocolate Lindt truffles. Can you say YUM? and doublemint gum, of course.

the theme was Noah's Ark (get it, Two of everything? GET IT?), and this is the smashing cake adorned with plastic animals. yummers.
Becky and Peter Rabbit. :)

I had to post this shot just because it's hilarious. Doesn't Mick look a little suspicious or something? He got to spend most of the weekend at our house with HappyDog, since he's sort of a menace with new people. They had a good time together, and didn't bite anyone too hard.

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