Monday, June 30, 2008

Back from VT

The HappyDog, Alex and I had a great time in Burlington, VT this weekend! (Thanks Sarah and Paddy for being wonderful hosts!). The car ride proved quite uneventful. HappyDog was interested for the first few hours, using her sniffer to desipher just what kinds of farms we were driving by on Rte. 22 through NY and into VT. She settled down for a nap about a half-hour from our destination. She didn't whine at all. Not even once.
It ended up raining most of the time we were there, but we were brave and took HappyDog to the dog park by the lake and did lots of walking under umbrellas. Despite a few doggy-related incidents, she was well-behaved. She even let us go into the gallery where Paddy had some art up, which was great to see and is super wonderful. She even helped him with his next piece:Paddy made us some tasty pizza and we got a little sleepy drinking some fresh Magic Hat (locally brewed!). Watched some Flight of the Conchords, though. Affirmative.
Yesterday we enjoyed the morning haze out on some rocky ledges on Lake Champlain. It was a pretty little place, and HappyDog enjoyed it too, though was a little unsure of the waves crashing (or more like lapping) at the edge. She did venture into the lake on a little sandy beach, though.

We spent the afternoon walking up and down Church St., doing a little shopping and saw a bit more art in a gallery there. I got to go into Scribbles, which is the local paper store and much like what I envisioned my very own paper store to be. I controlled myself and mostly got ideas and didn't buy too much. They have so many great cards there -- my favorite is the brand Uncooked. Hah! We also enjoyed some tasty Indian food. yum. It turned into a beautiful day, and the sun came out just in time for our trip home. :)


courtney said...

I love that picture of Happy!!! :) I will be shopping your etsy store soon for goodbye gifts for my coworkers, who love your calendars. Any chance you could work up a new thank you card design for sale?? :)

Laurie Coyle said...

sure! what are you looking for?

Mummy Dearest said...

Hey -- glad you have a lovely weekend. Great pictures!

Sarah said...

Come back soon!