Friday, June 13, 2008

I love summer!

my peonies (from my great-grandfather!) are about to pop into splendid fuchsia summeryness, and the goaties are emerging from their little shed, to explore their habitat more thouroughly.

I am sure I'll be able to get a much closer shot soon, but they are still a little wary of me. Especially because there's usually a dog or two following me each time I head down to say hello. They have been eating some of the grass in their pen and playing a little bit, as well as making a LOT of noise. Who knew old goats had so much to say? They were quiet and pretty still for the first few days, and I'm sure it had as much to do with the 90-100 degree heat as the new surroundings. They are appearing to feel much more comfortable now, though, and we are all getting used to one another. I have been contemplating some goat-themed craftiness, what do you think? Some Lulu Bell stationery? :)

1 comment:

courts said...

aww, they are too cute! I can't wait to meet them!! YES you should do goat stationary! :)