Monday, June 09, 2008

Voyage Part 1: San Francisco, volume 2

Ok, back to our travels. And I promise we'll get back to craftiness soon, too, but I know there are a few of you who are currently more interested in this trip we took than things I might or might not be making, so bear with me. :)

So after the mountain wedding, we spent another half-day sunning by the pool and napping in the hotel before heading back to San Francisco via the really cheap CalTrain which happened to run right from San Mateo, little did we know! It was hot, the pool was very cold. fun was had. Then we headed into the city and spent a few days exploring this city we both love so much, and visiting some of our old favorite places, such as Burma Superstar (Burmese food, YUM), the Bitter End (Irish Pub in the old neighborhood), Boogaloos (best brunch in SF, possibly the world), Dog Eared Books (best used bookstore on the planet, I hardly got away without spending all the money I don't have. I have a great husband!), and more I can barely think of now.

Then we got on the BART and made our way thru the east bay over to Richmond to Joey and Ariel's CUTE house in a wonderful neighborhood in an otherwise sketchy city. Their realtor was right! :) We got to meet their brood of doggies, including Snowy, the one-eyed boxer, Gypsy, cutest chihaua mix ever, and Jax, the Chinese Crested crazy dog. They were all super sweet once they got to know us, and we even made friends. lovely!

Joey and Jax (with awesome Crispina wedding present blanket!)



Jax singing us a song

Baby Jax with Ariel

Then we got back to the city a little late after eating tasty Japanese food with Joey, Ariel and some of Joey's friends from Utah, Natalie and Ben. We decided to spend a little bit of our last night in town enjoying Chinatown and North Beach just a little bit, so we took a walk from Market Street on up the hills, and bought some cheap t-shirts and soup spoons, and enjoyed the bustle of downtown, even at 10pm on a Tuesday. (in contrast, it happens to be 10PM here today on a Monday, and it is very quite here, except the buzz of Junebugs and the chirps of the 'peeper' frogs in the swamp nearby. hah!)
The Coppola Building, North Beach, SF.

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