Sunday, June 08, 2008

Voyage Part 1: San Francisco

Ok, so first we went to San Francisco. It was wonderful to be back, and I instantly felt at home. We went to the beach on our first full day there, after eating crepes at the Crepevine and strolling around the Inner Sunset. We took the N-Judah down to ocean beach and it was sunny and lovely and like old times. Although I didn't know the beach off the Sunset was more dune-y than from the Richmond district, where I used to live with Davey and Joey. It was super beautiful!

Sam and Jeremy were wonderful, gracious and generous hosts, and they even took us to a Memorial Day BBQ back out by the beach, where we got to play with dogs and miss our dog, who stayed home with my mom and her buddy Mickey.

It got a little chilly when the fog rolled in (ok, it was cold, I was wearing a jacket!), but down south of the city where Joey and Ariel's wedding hotel was (in San Mateo) was sunny and warm. The Wedding location on the top of a mountain in Woodside, CA, was not so much warm as really really cold. But we dealt just fine in our groomsmaids' dresses, thankyouverymuch. It was fun to see some old friends from The College Years (yes, I was on that Saved By the Bell season. it rocked). I didn't get a chance to take any pics of the wedding, so you'll have to make due with these professional shots... And normally I wouldn't post so many pics of myself, but I had some requests. So, here's a little photo-essay of the wonderful-est wedding ever (ok, 'cept ours of course!). Aren't they the cutest (handsomest!) couple?

yay! Thanks Joey and Ariel, for a wonderful weekend!!

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courts said...

wow you seriously look like a california-babe-a-licious model! Those photos are pretty great too! Looks like a fabulous wedding and day :)