Thursday, August 09, 2007


I recently (ok, yesterday) had the joy of putting together a new version of my portfolio. I was a little scared and i think that's why i put it off for so long. but it was really fun. and very glorious to show it off. i think that's the scariest part-- what if they don't like it? but it's not a critique, and so what if 'they' hate it. i can't make art for everyone all the time. i hate a lot of the art out there. but it's out there. i've been, finally, slowly putting my work out there, and have received great feedback. so here's some more:
--the most recent addition to my portfolio. Liquid acrylics and ink with a lazertran photo transfer on watercolor paper. It's in a "private collection" now, but i'm thinking i should get some glicee prints made. not that i know anything about doing that. but people love it. i'm also thinking of making it a series.

OH and I was placed as a winnner in the BBG flower show-- 1st place for the second year, this time with 'painted lady butterfly' -- quite a challenge to create a 'lady's hat' using only plant materials AND keeping with the butterfly theme.
A sample of more portfolio images:
This was for an assignment in my Adobe Illustrator Class-- render a 3D object.

Brag Book- created in 2004 at the Paper Source when I worked there. one of my first 'books' and a favorite project of mine.

Self-Portrait for the Berkshrire Fringe's Annual Gala 2006-- the theme was 'the art of the photobooth.' Sold to benefit the Fringe in their silent auction. booya!

Our wedding invitation 10.7.06. What fun... Did we ever know what joys cardstock and double-sided tape would bring? Oh and rubber stamps, don't forget rubber stamps. Give it up for VersaMark!

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