Saturday, August 25, 2007

went with myHubby to 'the ten' last night. what a crazy movie. fun and crazy. it was my pick, so i had to love it. what i didn't particularly love was the rest of the audience. except one other 20's-ish woman, we were byFAR the youngest people in the audience, by like 40 years. no joke. It was at this little indie/2nd run cinema, which happens to be in our local natural history museum. which is sort of odd, and the members all get into the movies for free or cheap i think, so that's why the audience was full of grandmas. and great-grandmas. what a trip. at first i thought it was really funny, and then it was sort of just embarrassing and painful. like when rob cordry is talking about a**-raping his fellow inmate with a wistful look in his eyes. painful. sorry grandma, i didn't know it was gonna be like this. what were these people thinking?

to make it all even worse, the people behind us kept repeating the lines that were funny, and then saying 'what did he say' in an old-person raspy voice to their companions when they didn't hear it and the companion would repeat 'he said he's the 'vaginaaaa man'' 'oh my!' and that was sort of, well, distracting.

how many letters of complaint will they get? maybe i should write a letter of support. because i am one of those people hiding under a rock who misses movies like this when they're out in regular theatres and find them when the come to the museum theatre. and i like that. tho if grandma hadn't gone we'd have been pretty lonely in that theatre. which maybe wouldn't be a bad thing?

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