Friday, August 24, 2007

spoke too soon

it's hot. hothothot. what a crazy weather year we're experiencing. not so much fall, as August. we all forgot, as it was like 60 degrees, but now it's 87 and hot. so i'm sitting in the fan's gust and loving it. have a puppy at my feet and a dog across the room and it's so good.

finished the process of finaincial aid and home equity loan today-- what a circus. they really don't make any of it easy. but it's official, i'm 'going back to school'-- only part time to start, but someday maybe i'll be a professional designer of beautiful things, not just an ametueur. yeah.

i made these:so that's fun. Mollie designed them for her wedding, and she and her mom helped me make them-- i think they came out really cute-- they were the centerpieces for her gorgeous wedding in Tyringham. fun fun! My mom designed and arranged these gorgeous accent flowers with her friends:

that's the Tyringham Valley, just over the hill from our house. I suppose we live, therefore, on the other side of that hill-- kinda to the right, though.

what a great place! it was in an old barn with this giant chandelier-- loved it! dinner was under the tent and it was just warm enough to be out there with a sweater.

and then there were the boys. My hubby (left) got into some thumb wrestling with brotherThom... tho i guess i started it with brotherBrian first. then they got into some wrastlin' in the parking lot and later at out house. i know they enjoyed it...but hubby left with a bite mark on his shoulder. eek!

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