Sunday, September 09, 2007

i suppose

i'm good at procrastinating.

i keep having this feeling that i'm forgetting something. i keep having it, like once a week. what am i forgetting? i'm not doing anyting important enough to forget! laundry? dishes? garden? homework? the dog reminds me to walk her, so it's not that. i was going to paint the front door this weekend (red/orange!!) but it's tooo humid to do that. i wanted to cook today. but it's only 5, i will wait a few hours or at least one for that. what is it? was it to tell you you are awesome? maybe. you are. whoever you are. as cupcakeshow says, 'i'm glad you're here, too. i love your shoes!'


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Kara said...

hi lady,
thanks for sending out a blogtime email. it is so nice to look at your pictures and admire all that is crafty in this world. you are a star.

i just started my second year of teaching this week. so wild. it is great to have new kids and a fresh start.
hope you, hubby and puppy are well. love you!