Monday, September 17, 2007

sneak peek

i'm such a dorky proud doggie owner. but ISN'T SHE CUTE??? she's smiling at you.

so here are a few pics of the work i've been doing around the house. this display is far from done, mostly i used screws that were already up and just trying things-- but it's coming together.
(my little world-- dog, computer, couch, phone, snacks-- what more do you need?)

mums-- must be fall!

AND my mom came over yesterday and helped me finally rearrange the living room, which is the first room you see when you come into the house and has been somewhat neglected for the past, um, forever. But now i'm really happy with it for the first time ever. and someday we'll get rid of that horrid light fixture in the middle of the ceiling, oh, and the hand-me-down furniture... someday. (ooh ooh-- check out the super fancy Turkish Rug made my Mehmet Gurgic with natural dyes--- i'm a lucky girl!)

fabulous wall stickers from Fuchsia Home-- how wonderful! they fabulously match my Tord Boontje lamp-- yay!

1 comment:

Kara said...

hi lady - nice ikea pic with the flowers, its in my bedroom too.

love the puppy pics. i wish she could snuggle with me. it is finally fall here, too. you can see the hollywood sign from all over the city since the smog is lifting.
love you!