Sunday, September 09, 2007


we came home yesterday to hear some sort of beeping... was it coming from the car? from the house? from a neighbor's? no... from our garage. from our new electric dog fence transmitter. oh bother. it wouldn't stop beeping, so we turned it off. haven't heard back from the installer, but HappyDog (AKA doggie#1) seems to be staying in without it-- she hasn't tested it in days.... so we'll just wait and see. but yes, we think it got hit by lightning. Hubby was here when it happened, said he thought something got hit near our house, and he smelled 'burnt toast' outside, then we discovered this:

DSCF2031.JPG, originally uploaded by Crafty Maven.

a flattened grass, which is usually standing tall, at about 5 feet high at the bottom of our hill. the fence wire runs right behind it, so maybe that was where it hit? so odd tho cuz it's supposed to be lightning protected and def. not the tallest thing in the lot!!!

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